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I’ve Set a Goal, Made a Plan

For the first time in a long time

I’ve set a goal! Goals are difficult, but this one shouldn’t be too bad. I just decided, whilst perusing Pinterest, that I want to have a job by Halloween. This gives me a deadline for my goal, which makes it a plan. Plans are easier because of the deadline aspect. If I know when I need to complete my goal, it makes me feel like I’ve got to do the thing. Which, if you know me at all, I am lazy and don’t like doing things, even when they’re good for me.
I know I can do this simple goal. I’ve figured out, for the most part what I want to do, and I can do anything I set my mind to doing. I just have to find someone to hold me accountable to my plan. It’s always easier to stick with something–if you really want it–when you have a friend to remind you of your goal. All I really need, however, is to remember that unemployment funds don’t last forever and I’m halfway through my allotted six months.
I know this was a short post, but I’m tired as it’s far past my bedtime (I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tonight). Did anyone else read it yet?

You can buy it through my affiliate link below:


Food is Love

I’m not going to talk about anything I don’t know about because then I’d just be letting gas escape and I’m better at doing that through my ass, than through my mouth. And it’s funnier when I do it that way.

I do plan to cook my way through Julia Child’s cookbooks one of these days; I just need to deal with the multitude of things that are on my figurative plate right now, first. I realized today that I had not even renewed my car registration. I was almost a month late doing it, and the DMV sure penalized me for that mistake. Although, of course, had the lateness been on their part, they wouldn’t have given me a discount or anything like that.

I keep seeing all of these food-themed movies coming out in theaters lately and I’m so happy that people are getting into the slow food movement. And they all have romance tied in somehow because food is love, as most cultures will tell you. For example, my boyfriend’s mother is greek-american and she is always trying to feed everyone, including me. She taught her children that food is love too, so my boyfriend is also always trying to feed me. Food is love because it gives us the nutrients necessary for living but also it gives us mental sustenance, which comes from the flavors of our food. So when a food reminds you of your grandmother or your first love because of a spice or something, it’s echoing the love you feel and it becomes comfort food. Food that makes you feel really good even though those people may not be with you at the time.

Cooking itself is romantic, though, don’t you think? The act of preparing food for your loved ones is special because you know you’re treating them to really great food to show them that you care about them and about what they put into their bodies. Foods can literally be made with love.

Even when you are cooking for hundreds of strangers every day and being paid to do it, it still feels romantic, even though there may be a paradigm shift where the romance is with the food itself since you don’t know who is going to consume it. You really have to love slicing up hundreds of onions and julienning carrots to do this for your living.

I feel like I could write entire essays on the different topics I touched on in this entry, so if you want more on anything specific, please comment below. Be sure to subscribe!

Working Girl (part 2)

Hey there friends, here’s a quick update for you:
So I’ve recently started working as an unpaid intern for Keyreads LLC. I’m supposed to write five 300+ word articles per week, which doesn’t seem too difficult. At least it shouldn’t be for a young woman who just wants to write and read and be allowed to look at fashion blogs and magazines, right?
Soooo wrong. I am a grad student; I’m supposed to read for like 20 hours per week, which leaves me brain-dead. I don’t know what else to write about other than what I’m reading. Not to even mention the pain I find myself in after too long reading or on the computer. Stupid weak eyes…
But really, the main problem is I truly don’t know how to choose what to write for them. My supervisor is not giving me much direction. I sometimes wish I were doing an internship where I needed to be in the office instead of doing it all online. But I’m giving it my best and trying to get my butt in gear because this is a great opportunity.
For now, I get to write about books, but hopefully they’ll let me start writing about fashion too. My supervisor said the company may by a website where I can write about fashion, which would be awesome because then I’d be able to write about fashion and books every week.
Anyway, here’s a link to my first article:

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