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Working at the Host Stand

Restaurant Host Life

This is that moment when you’re at work and there’s nothing to do, but your manager hasn’t cut you yet because they might need you. You sit there at the host stand waiting for a cue from your manager and servers. You see guests leave and you assume there’s a table to be bussed (that means cleaned off, for you non-restaurant folk). You go clean it, while narrowly escaping the throng that has formed around the bar. You remember that you’re slightly claustrophobic and definitely hate big groups of people. “Why am I working in a restaurant with a bar?”  Check that, two bars.

It’s ok, really

Now, I’m not complaining; I love my job. I just realized that I prefer brunch, when people are getting tipsy on mimosas and not milling around getting in my way of seating diners at tables. The challenge of my job could be restricted to strategy and a game of Tetris. If we didn’t have a full bar with a small amount of standing room I’d be happier here at night. But the restaurant usually isn’t this crowded. Private events made it so that more bar guests have crowded into the front bar, which is waaaaay smaller than the one in our lounge.

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For the love of Wine

I was reminiscing today about the first glass of wine I ordered in a restaurant. I remember it had a strawberry scent and tasted so pretty, slightly floral and gently fruity. It was so perfect for a beginner’s first taste of wine that my boyfriend at the time took a sip and ordered a glass for himself. We felt so fancy that we even took pictures! All thanks to Beringer’s White Zinfandel…

I have been reading about wine a lot lately, specifically a book called The Juice: Vinous Veritas by Jay McInerney. It is a collection of his essays on wine and I have to say, it is really one of those collections I would actually read again. Most of the essays are articles he wrote for House & Garden and The Wall Street Journal. If you are a budding, or long-time oenophile, or if you just like to read about wine, this is a great book. I don’t recognize most of the wine varietals or winemakers he talks about, but reading his essays is making me want to learn more about them. I’ve never read a book like this before. I’m into it!

I have always had an affinity for Pinot Noir and Rose, but I find myself intrigued by all the different varietals right now, especially working in restaurants as a member of the front of house team now, being exposed to all the crazy options I never knew were available. Wine is the most, to say the least. I’ve never been a big beer or cocktail enthusiast, although I do love a basic whiskey or tequila at a dive bar. But wine has always had an appeal for me. My next step may be to actually take a wine class this year. I want to learn more and more, make it so that nobody could refuse me in their restaurant. I don’t need to become a sommelier or anything fancy, although it would be cool. Does anyone else have books on wine they would recommend to a budding oenophile?

How to Stay Motivated

Find things to clean

I am desperate for more to do at work, a way to stay motivated. I can’t figure out why I didn’t get the one thing I asked my previous manager for: more tasks. A way to make it worthwhile to him to have me at the restaurant, being paid. I’m bored out of my mind, so bored I’m writing at work. There’s nobody to seat at a table, there are three managers and nothing to do. So I’m writing and looking for things to clean. I want to stay motivated while I’m working here.

Be Thankful

I’m thankful for both of my jobs, I’ve learned so much from working as a host at the front door of an extremely popular supper club and jazz bar. I have become more organized and thoughtful about planning the evening. On a busy night, I’m always super motivated and I can keep moving the whole time. I’m in charge of a lot of people’s experience: both our guests’ and my coworkers’ nights are determined by how well I do my part.

I love that feeling of being necessary to the overall flow of the night. I’ve found something I’m good at and want to continue furthering my career in this path. I want to be a server and then a manager in a restaurant. I also still want to work in a restaurant’s marketing/ public relations function. I’m motivated to find a job where I fit in with the team like I do at my current two jobs, with management that is similar to my newer job.


I did the thing. I asked to be trained as a server. I said, “You know how I’ve been taking care of tables upstairs when all the other servers move downstairs or go home? Is it a possibility for me to be officially trained as a server?” I was caught off guard when my manager looked surprised at my proposition and said he didn’t realize I wanted to serve, but that we could definitely talk about it. So…Yay me? At least I asked… So, I’m studying with this book to keep motivated:

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