Very Unneccessary: Stuff I didn’t need in Ireland

I’m going to enumerate the unnecessary crap I brought to Ireland that I really really really did not need. At least, not in November.

Unnecessary Number One

While it sounded like a good idea, my computer itself was the most unneccessary and burdensome item I carried to and from Ireland. It isn’t a fast computer, nor is it a light computer and I spent most of my time doing things outside of the house. The few blog posts I did write and publish in Ireland I used my phone to create and post. So, I wasted about 8lbs. of space in my luggage that I could’ve stuffed with souvenirs or just left empty and light.

Unnecessary Number Two

We didn’t have any fancy dinners or balls or what-have-you to attend, so I don’t know why I brought three dresses in which I would’ve frozen to death. They’re some of my favorite pieces, but we only did family stuff and never anything I needed to dress up for more than my nice boots over jeans/leggings. However, when we arrived in Galway, I bought a sweater dress in a charity shop (that’s a thrift shop to us Americans). It is plain black and sits off the shoulders like a Marilyn or Bardot style… I can’t remember which… I wore that with grey leggings and my high-heeled boots that are surprisingly comfortable. Anywho, my point is that fancy dresses were not a good idea to pack as they were slightly bulky and unnecessary. The only dress I wore was one that I bought there, in Ireland.

Unnecessary Number Three

Another unnecessary item for us personally was extra jackets and sweaters. I’m just gonna quickly say, one of each: people who see you know you’re on vacation, while the people who don’t know you won’t give a crap if you wear the same stuff for two weeks. Also undies and socks. The reason I found the socks and chonies unnecessary was that of course anywhere we stay in Ireland will likely be with family, but even in a hotel, you usually have access to laundry! So I have no idea why I packed enough for two weeks when I could’ve just washed stuff…

Unnecessary Number Four

The last category was shoes. I literally didn’t wear two pairs of the five pairs of shoes I chose to bring. That’s what really pissed me off. I brought five pairs of shoes! What the hell was I thinking??? I wouldn’t bring that many pairs of shoes on vacation ever again, for the whole world. I certainly won’t bring outfits that require an extra pair of shoes just for that outfit, which I think would’ve been part of the reason I brought that much. The nude flats just weren’t warm enough for touristy stuff, or even family dinners, bad. The two pairs of different style trainers/tennis shoes were as unnecessary as anything ever would’ve been. I mean come on, Alexandra! Someone was not thinking while packing… although I guess luckily I don’t think I forgot to pack anything that I missed.

Something that’s totally necessary next time:

I would really love to buy a new camera because mine is a piece of crap. The only really good quality pictures came off of my cell phone’s camera. Which made my old camera very unnecessary…
This one looks pretty cool (affiliate Link)

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