Jet lag is a Bitch

Jet lag is the worst

I have been in Ireland for the majority of the two weeks I get to be here. And I’m dying between the two weekend trips we took to just being tourists. I’ve slept really well almost every night, but without fail, by about 6pm every night I could go to bed and stay there.Unfortunately this common phenomenon called jet lag destroys every traveler who goes more than a few hours different time zones experiences it. I haven’t dealt with jet lag since I went to Germany last time, ten years ago… I thought it would be fine, that I’d recover like I used to, within a few days of landing. Maybe I’m low on B vitamins, or I didn’t sleep enough on the plane, or what, but I’m not fit to be in company by seven. Yawning and literally falling asleep at the table or passing out in a car. I’m sure I’ve been a real pleasure to be around for my boyfriends family…Update: His sister just sent me to bed as I was falling asleep after dinner.

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