Flight to and first day in Ireland

Our flight took forever to get off the ground!

We thought we were behind on making our flight yesterday so we parked in long-term parking. we had no clue it would be about four million miles to the international terminal! Or that we would have to pay $25 per day to use the lot. It was definitely a disappointing experience, when we couldn’t planned ahead and parked somewhere in Millbrae, CA where family friends could keep an eye on my car. When we finally made it off the shuttle and into our gate, we had 45 minutes til take-off. They started boarding the plane less than ten minutes after we sat down, which took maybe ten more minutes. So, we were set to leave on time and arrive earlier than expected! “How exciting,” I mused, but it was not to be… our pilot taxied for half an hour before pulling back to the gate because they had heard rattling in the cargo hold; obviously something that need to be addressed before we took off. However, the crew fixed that and found some other thing that needed to be fixed, of course, and then they had to replenish fuel…so we sat for about an extra hour in the plane just waiting to take off. Needless to say, we were uncomfortable for a lot of extra time. Especially leading to a 10 hour flight!

Arriving in Ireland

When we finally reached our destination after many movies, videos and a few hours of reading, we we jet lagged and fucking sore. I think I dozed off here and there while trying to sleep but I never really managed a true nap… D never even really tried to sleep.

His family were waiting to meet us at Dublin airport and they were growing impatient that we’d never arrived, or at least his little niece was. But we were about two hours later than we’d planned to arrive, so it’s understandable for a six year old to feel that way. She even drew us the cutest “welcome” sign, which I don’t think anyone has done for me. My mom might’ve when I was younger and coming home from Germany, but I don’t remember…

I’ve finally met D’s mother!

The moment I’ve been so so so nervous about is over. I’ve met Mrs. T. And D’s sister and youngest niece. Sweeter than Georgia peaches! I felt like I already knew them five years, they were so easy and welcoming. We got back to Mrs. T’s home and had coffee and nibbles with the three generations of lovely ladies. It was so relaxing, though I felt like I’d fall asleep in my brown bread.

After his sister and niece left, we had a nap which really helped only a little. And let me tell you, I knocked out for two hours, but woke up completely exhausted still. Being awake for over 24 hours will do that to you, though. Actually today I’m still suffering the dreaded jet lag, but sitting in the car on our way to Kerry is making it worse. I estimate it’s a 5-6 hour car ride down. We left at 12:30 ish and I wrote this post at 5:30, still in the car. We did take a lunch break to stretch and pee and chat a bit. I felt like I’d have rather walked for two days; my body is just screaming.

On a side note…

I already miss my little princess butt nugget, Jane, so I’m including the pictures my mom and Uncle sent me when I begged last night.


  1. Elisabeth Rosen | 27th Oct 17

    I was over joyed to get notice of an “Irish” blog and hear the news of your travels thus far!

    I have to say, the completely unnecessary “F” bomb kind of deflated the whole thing for me. Your writing is beautiful and your adventures exciting, just a thought that you consider words that emphasize rather than detract from it.

    Regardless, I love you and your posts so keep ’em coming!


    • admin | 5th Nov 17

      I’m still bummed that that was all you could focus on…

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