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Daily Archives: October 20, 2017

How to hang curtains: not like this!

A couple months back, our apartment was fresh and new to us, I bought a curtain rod and sheers. They were never hung up until this Wednesday. And while it took a long time to happen, they do look kind of cute now. Unfortunately being a short person compared to our lovely high ceilings, I couldn’t reach the top on a chair. At least not while holding a drill! I didn’t want to buy a ladder for one project with nowhere to store it afterward.

So I made D do it. This is why it took so long to happen! I asked him and he said ok, but then he decided we had too long of a curtain rod and it wouldn’t fit the way I wanted, which I still question even now. Anyhow, I bought three short curtain rods instead, and D finally took down the blinds, which we now have to store somewhere…then put up the curtains. I bought all sheers which I don’t think was the best plan, but when I bought then I didn’t think we would have to take the blinds down. The curtain rods we have up right now just didn’t come out far enough from the molding to go around the blinds, so I’ll have to add another layer of curtains or this is the finished product.

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