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Trying to Avoid Messes

Relationships are notoriously difficult, especially the living together with someone for the first time kind. When you’re both kinda lazy and messy, it’s even more difficult to keep your home clean. It’s hard to see your apartment and not want to have guests over. Especially if it’s because of a butt to seating ratio. It makes you a little crazy thinking there’s nothing you can do to fix the problem because nagging your cohabitant will just end up with major push-back and probably more messes.

BUT, the tip I have for anyone worried about this type of situation is: choose your battles wisely, my dear. Do you love this person more than you hate the mess? Even clean-freak Monica Gellar from Friends was able to make it work. Of course, her favorite thing in life was cleaning, while her worst nightmare was someone messing up the work she’d just done. If you can just suck it up and clean up after your person, do so; if not, have a conversation about it.

Hiring a cleaning service is probably a favorable choice for us. I’m getting to the point where it might just be the ticket. It’s so expensive to live in San Francisco that I see no reason why I shouldn’t enjoy being in my apartment and if you don’t think an extra $100 a month isn’t worth that, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m not a very busy person, but I think that having someone else do a thorough cleaning once or twice a month might be beneficial for people like us. Just so that we get used to living in a clean spot. Then it’s all about maintenance, right?

Clean, Quick Storage

A few other things that may be beneficial for us are some extra storage in certain places. A coat rack in the hallway and maybe a storage bench to throw my blankets in, since draping them on the couch seems to invite us to throw our clothes on the couch at the end of the day.

Some cute options I found on Amazon, with my affiliate link:


  1. Elisabeth Rosen | 4th Oct 17

    Some thoughts on your thoughts:

    I wholeheartedly agree, you must love someone for who they are and not who you want them to be. And yes, in ANY relationship there will be different points of view. Understanding someone else’s does not necessarily mean agreeing, but in the end isn’t that what we all want?

    To be loved and understood.

    However, you know I believe “you get more of what you focus on” so in order to have a cleaner apt. you must first quit focusing on the mess.

    Your words determine your world, choose them wisely. More importantly than what you say to others is what you say to yourself. Changing your words will change your beliefs and create the world you choose.

    I AM a tidy person. I take small steps each day to keep my home organized and beautiful.

    I AM a natural homemaker. I create a space where joy and love flourish.

    I AM kind and compassionate in all of my relationships.I listen to others so that I understand their dreams and desires.

    I AM a loving partner. I use words that support my mate and build our relationship stronger day by day.

    Of course, make these your own, but read and ponder them and feel the shift in your energy.

    I challenge you to rewrite this post from a more positive view point ❤

    Love you and the amazing woman you have become,
    Elisabeth, aka Mom

    P.S. Hiring a cleaner is a fantastic solution!

    • admin | 4th Oct 17

      Dang it… now I feel bad

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