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This is that moment when you’re at work and there’s nothing to do, but your manager hasn’t cut you yet because they might need you. You sit there at the host stand waiting for a cue from your manager and servers. You see guests leave and you assume there’s a table to be bussed (that means cleaned off, for you non-restaurant folk). You go clean it, while narrowly escaping the throng that has formed around the bar. You remember that you’re slightly claustrophobic and definitely hate big groups of people. “Why am I working in a restaurant with a bar?”  Check that, two bars.

It’s ok, really

Now, I’m not complaining; I love my job. I just realized that I prefer brunch, when people are getting tipsy on mimosas and not milling around getting in my way of seating diners at tables. The challenge of my job could be restricted to strategy and a game of Tetris. If we didn’t have a full bar with a small amount of standing room I’d be happier here at night. But the restaurant usually isn’t this crowded. Private events made it so that more bar guests have crowded into the front bar, which is waaaaay smaller than the one in our lounge.

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  1. Elisabeth Rosen | 30th Sep 17

    When I first started my business I met someone who told me “define and you will find”, aka, the law of attraction. I used the idea to define my ideal client and that is who consistently appears!

    Don’t settle for less! Write down a detailed description of the PERFECT job/work environment, focus on it and it will manifest. For any negative or displeasing attributes, flip them in to their opposite and positive form. ALWAYS focus on what you DO desire 🙂

    • admin | 30th Sep 17

      Thanks momma! I miss your comments!

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